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Monthly Special Easyrig Agent

Every month we will do a special service and treatment to the monthly agent. What you get is Top Secret, I will call you / Johan

May Canada vest coast Lapham
June USA 16x9
July Germany Chrosziel / Band pro Germany
August Japan Sanwa Cine Equipment
September Netherlands Vocas / Fofic / Stijn Brinkmann
October Russian Federation Sintex
November France Emit
December Australia Lemac
January New Zeeland Cameraworks
February United Kingdom Production Gear
March Korea Human Network / Wave / Digital Sun Woo
April Kina / Hong Kong Beijing Ou Nuo Mei International / Century Film Equipment
May Norway Stagelab / Atendi
June Israel Band Pro Film Video Inc.
July South Africa Zimele Broadcasting Servises Ltd.
August Denmark Atendi A/S
September Belgium ES Video Facilities / Tv Connections / Axis-One
October Spain Ceproma, S.A.
November Poland Studiotech Poland Sp. z.o.o.
December Sweden Easyrig Sweden
January Mexico Umpeq-TV S.A. de C.V.
February Switzerland Schweizer AG Professionelle Videotehnik
March Italy Cartoni S.p.A.
April Turkey MedieTek Film
May Ukraine Video Technologies OPTA / Engineer Service
June Brazil Base 1 Locadora
July Portugal
ETCINE (Electrónica de Teatro, Cinema e Espectáculos, Lda.)
August Finland TV Tools / Broadcast Solutions Finland
September Österreich Avisys Electronics GmbH
October Slovenia MOPS d.o.o.
November Philippines MQ Lighting Enterprises
December Czech Republic Noon Filmtechnik s.r.o.
January Ireland d + p Multimedia Products Ltd.
February Romania 4K Broadcast Solutions SRL.
March Hungary Arizona MPS
April Bulgaria PhotoSynthesis Ltd.
May Greece Manios Cine Tools EPE
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