"I'm really impressed on how balanced it is and how easy it is to maneuver."

With an Easyrig you could do it all day long (just don’t tell the director)

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Vario 5

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since 1994

Trusted by operators across the globe. Extending careers for over 30 years.

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Thomas Wallis

Boom Rig Test Operator

I have been waiting for 25 years for a product like this to be released. Thank you Johan!

Kevin Cerchiai

Boom Rig Test Operator

When I brought the Boom Rig on set, everyone said that it was a great tool and asked me, why didn't anyone make this sooner?

Blaire Johnson

Ambassador / USA

It’s lightweight and I’m easily able to adjust the vest for a perfect fit that allows me to shoot comfortably on long days.

Niklas Johansson

Ambassador / Sweden

I find it very easy to change the power to fit different camera weights, I use a large variety of lenses and accessories so changing the power is crucial..

Aly Migliori

Ambassador / USA

The Easy Rig has steadied my shots and protected my back - quality without compromise. Not to mention, I love the support for a female market.

Pep Bonet

Ambassador / Spain

Working with Easyrig is an amazing experience, I already felt in love with the Minimax and now for heavier camera set ups I really enjoy using the Vario 5 with the Stabil, it offers confort and I can shoot all day long.

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