Vario 5

The Vario 5 is a versatile, all-round solution no matter what setup you have. One adjustable Easyrig to fit your needs.

Adjustable weight range

By adjusting the tension with the provided allen key, the Vario 5 can be tuned to match your exact camera setup ranging from 5-17 kg (11-38 lbs) & 10-25 kg (22-55 lbs).

Fits all cameras

The Vario 5 can be attached to any camera as long as it has a camera handle due to our easy-to-use camera hook.

Handmade in Sweden

The Vario 5 is designed, built and assembled in Sweden. We utilize local suppliers, delivering high-quality components.

Standard setup includes:

  1. Support bar
  2. Camera hook
  3. Vest with breathable material
  4. Power pack
  5. Adjustable vest stabilizer
  6. Manual
  7. Transport bag

Vario 5 Strong

If you feel that the standard Vario 5 doesn’t quite cut it for you, a stronger and reinforced version is available. It can lift setups ranging from 10-25 kg (22-55 lbs).

Used by the best

Ever since the release in 2015 the Vario 5 is undoubtedly the most popular Easyrig. It has been used in countless movies, TV-series and documentaries.

  1. Cinema Vest
    The classic vest from 2007 with two shoulder straps.
    Sizes: Standard & Large.
  2. Cinema Flex Vest
    A Cinema vest but with more support around the chest.
    Designed for female Camera Operators.
    Sizes: Small & Standard.
  3. Gimbalrig Vest
    The Gimbalrig vest provides extra support around the waist.
    Sizes: Standard & Large.
  4. Gimbal Flex Vest
    A Gimbalrig vest but with more support around the chest.
    Designed for female Camera Operators.
    Sizes: Small & Standard.

Florian Emmerich

Ambassador / Germany

The STABIL G2 is combining the characteristics of a Steadicam system and a handheld shot. Easyrig Vario 5 is my main tool to achieve documentary style shots.

Jayme Roy

Ambassador / USA

I often use the Easyrig to achieve dolly and jib like moves on the fly. My clients love the versatility that it I am able to give with little to no set up time.

Kauê Zilli

Ambassador / Brazil

Easyrig have been saving my back for more than 10 years now!

Niklas Johansson

Ambassador / Sweden

I find it very easy to change the power to fit different camera weights, I use a large variety of lenses and accessories so changing the power is crucial..

Stefan Kullänger

Ambassador / Sweden

The vest fits perfectly to my body and I haven't felt any strain on my back after a shooting day which involves up to 90% operating with the camera hanging in different heights.

Aly Migliori

Ambassador / USA

The Easy Rig has steadied my shots and protected my back - quality without compromise. Not to mention, I love the support for a female market.

Product Specification

Load Range:

Standard: 5-17 kg (11-38 lbs)
Strong: 10-25 kg (22-55 lbs)
Product Specification


5.5 kg (12 lbs)
Product Specification

Suspension line length:

90 cm (35”) when fully stretched.

Product Specification


Mounted: 103-113 cm (40.5-44.5”)
Folded: 62 cm (24.4”)
Product Specification


Mounted: 80-130 cm (31-51”)
Folded: 34 cm (13.3”)
Product Specification


Mounted: 31cm (12.2”)
Folded: 22 cm (8.6”)

Build your own custom Vario 5

With over 50 possible configurations getting the perfect fit have never been easier.

Get started

Vario 5 videos


Stéphane Kharraji talks about Easyrig


DP Patryk Kin talks about Easyrig


Robert Machado talks about Easyrig

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