Cinema 3

No matter how heavy your camera setup is - the Cinema 3 can lift it. It’s based on the original design but improved upon for over 10 years.

Gas Shock Absorber

The Cinema 3 is delivered with a shock absorber to fit your exact camera weight, ranging from 200N (3 kg) up to 1200N (32 kg) in steps.

Fits all cameras

The Cinema 3 can be attached to any camera as long as it has a camera handle due to our easy-to-use camera hook.

Handmade in Sweden

The Cinema 3 is designed, built and assembled in Sweden. We utilize local suppliers, delivering high-quality components.

Standard setup includes:

  1. Upper Support bar
  2. Camera hook
  3. Vest with breathable material
  4. Lower Support bar
  5. Adjustable vest stabilizer
  6. Manual
  7. Transport bag

Easy to use

It takes under a minute to get the Cinema 3 up and running
after you have removed it from the bag. Just put it on and
adjust the straps and then you are ready to shoot!

Used by the best

The Cinema 3 is loved by old school Easyrig users because of how durable and reliable it is. Loved by professionals worldwide.

  1. Cinema Vest
    The classic vest from 2007 with two shoulder straps.
    Sizes: Standard & Large.
  2. Cinema Flex Vest
    A Cinema vest but with more support around the chest.
    Designed for female Camera Operators.
    Sizes: Small & Standard.
  3. Gimbalrig Vest
    The Gimbalrig vest provides extra support around the waist.
    Sizes: Standard & Large.
  4. Gimbal Flex Vest
    A Gimbalrig vest but with more support around the chest.
    Designed for female Camera Operators.
    Sizes: Small & Standard.

David Paul

Ambassador / New Zealand

I had back surgery 4 months earlier and because of Easyrig I was able to do that job which I won best cinematography award for.

Diego Rosenblatt

DP / Uruguay

I use it almost every shoot that I have. It’s in my basic package, so I can shoot for longer time. Directors like that!

John Christian Rosenlund

Cinematographer / Norway

Easyrig has changed the way I work..

Brendan McGinty

Ambassador / UK

Still enormously attached to my Easyrig …can’t work without it!

Florian Emmerich

Ambassador / Germany

The Easyrig Cinema 3 allowed me to do these jib like moves from low mode to eye level of the actors which really enhanced the dram.

Laurence Blyth

DP / England

Easyrig one of my most treasured camera accessories.

Product Specification

Load range:

200N-1200N In steps (2-3 2kg / 4.4-70.5 lbs)
Product Specification


3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
Product Specification

Suspension line length:

88 cm (35”) when fully stretched.
Product Specification


Mounted: 103-113 cm (40.5-44.5”)
Folded: 62 cm (24.4”)
Product Specification


Mounted: 80-130 cm (31-51”)
Folded: 34 cm (13.3”)
Product Specification


Mounted: 31 cm (12.2”)
Folded: 22 cm (8.6”)

Build your own custom Cinema 3

Add any of our accessories to find the right Cinema 3 for you!

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Brad White with Easyrig at NAB 2011

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