Why Easyrig?

An effective and ergonomic solution for anyone working with handheld camera setups or booms. It saves your back, shoulders and arms, therefore extending your career!

Designed and built by a cameraman
After more than 10 years of working as a camera operator, Johan started to feel a sharp pain in his back. It was at that moment that the Easyrig was born.

10,000 satisfied customers

We have built up a large network of experienced resellers. This, combined with our service-minded staff, results in happy customers around the globe.

“Easyrig is an effective ergonomic relief aid for back and shoulders, intended for TV camera-operators working with hand held cameras. A considerable load relief has been ascertained. The aid provides a good basis for improvement of back health. The results show that this aid can give longterm benefits in the form of improved back health, work effectiveness and picture quality.”

Elisabeth Schell

Authorized ergonomist and registered physiotherapist
SVT Swedish Television

Reduces the load on your neck and shoulders

It has been proven that Easyrig is a mandatory tool for anyone taking their health seriously. Gone are the days of waking up with an aching body.


We work together with ambassadors to represent us, all around the world. Are you interested in getting in touch with one – Contact us!

Invest in yourself

Get an Easyrig today as a preventive measure, don’t wait until the day you might hurt yourself.

Niklas Johansson

Ambassador / Sweden

I find it very easy to change the power to fit different camera weights, I use a large variety of lenses and accessories so changing the power is crucial..

Kauê Zilli

Ambassador / Brazil

Easyrig have been saving my back for more than 10 years now!

Blaire Johnson

Ambassador / USA

It’s lightweight and I’m easily able to adjust the vest for a perfect fit that allows me to shoot comfortably on long days.

Diego Rosenblatt

DP / Uruguay

I use it almost every shoot that I have. It’s in my basic package, so I can shoot for longer time. Directors like that!

Adam Docker

Ambassador / UK

I can seriously say that after a full days filming, running around with a camera on my shoulder, I feel as good as new. No sharp pains in my back or down my spine...

Aly Migliori

Ambassador / USA

The Easy Rig has steadied my shots and protected my back - quality without compromise. Not to mention, I love the support for a female market.

Build your own custom Easyrig

With over 50 possible configurations getting the perfect fit have never been easier.

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