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DP Martin Schaer

Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG

Was it easy to change power of the line?

Changing the power of the line is rather easy, just make sure that you have a back-up hex key some place safe in case the one supplied gets lost. Given the weight of the whole rig, it is maybe not the easiest system. But it certainly works! It is very likely you will adjust the strength/weight only once per specific job, hence it is totally manageable. It makes the unit adaptable to various camera and support configurations.

How did you like the Vario 5, strong?

Yes , the weight is substantially more (feels double), but the comfortability of the new Gimbal rig vest makes no doubt up for it. The fact that you can adjust the piston power from a medium weight production camera to a fully accessory loaded heavier camera is very useful. Especially in conjunction with various gimbal rigs (MOVI, etc.). I find it both economical, practical and time saving. It is a big plus in our fast paced business.

Notes: Velcro-pads on front of the"belly flaps" a must to prevent lateral displacement! Also, it seems the receiving main buckle is so far on the right side, it is slightly awkward. You can hardly reach it with your left hand to engage the main belt clip. It becomes a right hand operation only.

Weight of unit?

Not a plus, it is certainly much heavier. But that said, comfort of the gimbal rig vest makes more than up for it. I find it only an issue with heavier cameras, like fully loaded Alexa XT etc. Only then you start feeling the weight on your body.

Your opinion on Vario 5, strong?

Overall a great product, well designed, smooths string operation and it is comfortable. With some minus points on weight, it certainly depends on the physique and style of the operator. But it is flexible for various feature production needs, where accessory-loaded larger/heavier cameras are commonly in use.

Who is the buyer of Vario, Strong?

I would say Feature - or Television Camera operators using typically ”accessory loaded cameras", often mounting heavier lenses like anamorphics or Arri primes etc. Certainly not ideal or necessary for documentaries or filming news.

Do you think Vario 5, strong, 14 to 28 kg is needed compared to Vario 5, 5 to 17 kg?

YES, for Feature and television production it comes in handy.

What vest would you prefer?

Definitely the newer style (Gimbal rig vest), beefed up vest for strength and comfort! Even though I think that the main buckle should be in the middle. It is much more comfortable to wear, a definite improvement!

What bag do you prefer?

Three Zipper bag is good. Maybe a slightly larger bag than the Queen that I have is better, it is easier to quickly wrap! Water / Dust resistant is certainly a plus.

DP Martin Schaer