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Josh Woll

I’ve been in this line of work for about 10 years now. The industry changed the level of ergonomic support with the DSLRs. Hand holding those types of cameras with no real shoulder support for hours on end I needed months of physical therapy to get the knot out of my back.

Johan has created a truly magnificent product that removes all of the weight and redistributes it throughout your body. We currently shoot with the Sony FS7 and are producing a few documentary series - Road to Race Day - an 8-part hour long series documenting the drivers and teams of Hendrick Motorsports. We documented 8 races with over 50 production days, 10+ hour days.

We couldn’t have done the series without the Easyrig. We also have been working on a series A Chef’s Life with PBS for 6 seasons now - achefslifeseries.com. We are so extremely grateful for this product as it allows us to not sacrifice our health and still be able to be creative without being limited by the weight of the cameras.

A Chef's Life teaser from A Chef's Life on Vimeo.

Josh Woll