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Three new releases at NAB 2019.

Pontus Jonsson
Pontus Jonsson

If you haven’t heard already, we released three new things at NAB – two products and this Website! In this post I’ll explain what you can expect from our new releases.

  • Easyrig STABIL
  • Cheese Plate for Sony Venice
  • New Website!

The first thing I will talk about is Easyrig STABIL.
Easyrig users have been wanting us to develop something to smooth out the shots when moving with a camera or a gimbal for years. We have not developed this idea for several reasons, one thing is that we really want it to work and not release a product that we can’t stand by.
The Easyrig STABIL has the weight above the head to center the weight of it and therefor causing less strain on your lower back.
Read more about Easyrig STABIL under “Accessories” & watch the video!

The 2nd thing is Cheese Plate for Sony Venice!
Johan was at CamerImage in Poland and saw the Sony Venice camera for the first time. After inspection he noticed that the lens could be detached from the camera and be used separately without the body of the camera. It was at this moment the idea of putting the Sony Venice on a cheese plate and attaching it to the back of an Easyrig was born. The Cheese plate can be attached to the large profile (Cinema 3 & Vario 5) as well as the smaller profile (Minimax). The most popular combination will be together with the Minimax since the camera is too heavy for it in normal use – but with the cheese plate it works like a charm!
Read more about the Cheese Plate for Sony Venice under “Accessories”!

The third and last thing is our new Website!
We hope that you’ve enjoyed our new website so far and that you’ve seen all the new functionality we have added to it. As of now the “Build your own Easyrig” have not been launched, but it is something we are working hard on to release in the near future. Everything should be easier to find, such as accessories and important information we would like to share with you. Also, please take a look at our new “Spare parts”-page which can be found under “Support”. All the spare parts is added and it’s a great tool if you’re searching for parts to your Easyrig. We would love feedback from you!

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