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DP Florian Emmerich Won Prestigious Award

Pontus Jonsson
Pontus Jonsson

We would like to congratulate Easyrig Ambassador Florian Emmerich for winning the German Cinematography Award for his work on the movie “UNKLARE LAGE”. Here’s a quote from Florian:

The Easyrig Vario 5 was my main tool to achieve the sometimes documentary style of this film. The story is about a city in chaos, after a random shooting on a public bus. The killer is on the run and it is unclear if there is a second gun man.
It was our goal to achieve a feeling of disorientation. The Easyrig Vario 5 is fantastic to change the camera height in the middle of a shot, which is particularly great for action sequences.
It also gives the camera a good amount of stabilization.
This is only topped by the brand new foldable STABIL G2 that I am currently using on the next film. The STABIL G2 is combining the characteristics of a Steadicam system and a handheld shot.
Used with an electronic gimbal it takes out the lateral movement when walking. The shots become amazingly smooth.
Thanks to Johan and his fantastic team!

Florian Emmerich (BVK)

From the set of UNKLARE LAGE. Photographer is Hagen Keller.

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