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The new spring system we developed has significantly resulted in a smoother running of the support rope : Refers to the beginning and end of the rope force. This is because we constructed a conical wheel that unrolls the rope. We have also reduced the friction through the entire support process in the new Minimax resulting in a much more fluid feel and operation.

The new Easyrig Minimax also has an overload protection system we have developed. If you over load the spring system a Tripping Mechansim will operate. Overload Protection is our own idea and development. It means the spring will not be broken if you use too heavy a camera.

Another difference from our previous model Easyrig Mini is the pivoting upper arm which is now similar to big brother Easyrig 3 Cinema.

The Easyrig Minimax has been created specifically with the latest generation of light weight cameras in mind and offers the same innovative features as its larger brother - The Easyrig.

The ergonomically designed Easyrig Minimax is the comfortable way to support your camera and eliminates the fatigue associated with long periods of hand held operation, it is the perfect partner for compact video cameras, video DSLRs and lightweight film cameras.


Technical details

Weight: Complete: 3,4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Height: Mounted: 91-99 cm (35.8-39 in)
Folded: 66 cm (26 in)
Width: Folded: 32 cm (12.5 in)
Depth: Folded: 20 cm (7.8 in)
Suspension line length 110 cm (43.3 in) when fully stretched.

Minimum waist hip strap length:
Minimax: 2-7 kg (4.4 - 15.4 lbs)

81 cm (32 in)
Maximum waist hip strap length: 140 cm (55 in)

Every Easyrig Minimax has a serial number at the foldable point of the support bar.

Camera bag features two extra pockets.

Accessories and Spare parts

MM110 Supportbar complete

MM001 Knob for adjustable block
MM002 Adjustable block for rope

MM003 End plug, upper/lower

MM005 Mid nylon block

MM005-A Mid plastic block, complete unit, with pivot stop. New April 2017!

MM006 Lower support bar

MM010 Upper cross bar
MM011 Lower cross bar
MM012 Side bar
MM013 Holder for side bar

MM014 Upper buckles, 25 mm (0,984 in), comes in pairs
MM015 Lower buckles, 50 mm (1,968 in), comes in pairs
MM016 Rear buckle, 50 mm (1,968 in), female

MM017 Plastic cover, complete
MM019 Knobs for plastic cover, for adjustment of support arm

MM023 Spring adjustment wheel
MM024 Label "Easyrig Mini", for spring adjustment wheel

MM031 Wheel in bar
MM032 Camera hook, lockable
MM033 Cover camera hook 30 mm (1,181 in) internally

EA033-Q Quick Release Camera Hook, comes with 2 pcs 3/8” and 2 pcs 1/4” ball studs
EA033-B1/4 A 1/4in ball stud for the Quick Release
EA033-B3/8 A 3/8in ball stud for the Quick Release

EA033-WB Camera hook with 3/8” ball stud to be able to mount a standard Camera Hook onto the Quick Release

MM030 Rope

MM102 Easyrig Minimax vest

MM040 Easyrig Mini transport bag
MM042 Bottom piece

Agent Box, the most common spare parts gathered in a plastic box

Statements from users

DP Arastoo Givi
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"Waiting for statement..."

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Greg Nutt

"The Easyrig MiniMax has extended our shooting time and reduced unnecessary rest periods during our productions. Our production camera operator's tell me on every shoot how happy they are that our company bought the Easyrig MiniMax for their use..."

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Louis Mayo

"Waiting for statement..."

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Josh Woll

"We couldn’t have done the series without the Easyrig. We also have been working on a series A Chef’s Life with PBS for 6 seasons now - achefslifeseries.com. We are so extremely grateful for this product as it allows us to not sacrifice our health and stil"

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DP Jayme Roy
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"I often use the Easyrig to achieve dolly and jib like moves on the fly. My clients love the versatility that it I am able to give with little to no set up time. A perfect way to make your B-roll sing, even when you are given only 10 minutes to shoot the B"

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Camera Operator Andrea Cecchini
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"After two weeks of test on the set production with Easy MiniMax I can say this is a very good product, better than the older one."

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James Newton

"I've just bought one of your Easy Rig Minimax after having an Easy Rig Turtle for many years. I've been really impressed with the construction and feel. It really been improved."

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DP Matti Haapoja
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"You are going to save my back in the future years! Thanks so much again. Here are a few stills from the shoot..."

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Veaceslav Cebotari

"Waiting for statement..."

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Blaire Johnson

"The Minimax is great! I had an amazing experience with the Minimax this week! I picked up a gig to film President Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton in NC, and because I was wearing the Minimax and because I chose to film among the people instead of..."

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DP Peter Lindgren
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"The Mini Maxi is gerate!. Its a big difference between the Mini and the Minimax. The feeder is so smooth all the way. And i like that the angle of the arm i higher. Great that the Mini Maxi-arm swing..."

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Peder Jacobsson

"I was always ready to shoot when I hade my Test unit Minimax on. I wouldn’t have done this pictures without Minimax. Its a grate tool. On the Viking ship I couldn’t put down the Camera because water and. My camera was always ready to record..."

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DP David Paul
Local Cameraman / Ambassador
New Zeeland

"When I first put on the Minimax and attached my camera it felt like I was actually using a Cinema 3. With the original Mini, one knew it was a lighter weight unit and also felt like it but that was ok as it was for light camera rigs."

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Conner Robbins
Combat Camera Video Chief

"I really love the system, because it gives me the maneuverability that I want while retaining the stability of a tripod. It feels nice that I can go on multiple hour shoots and not feel a thing as I wear the system..."

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