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Agent Box

Agent Box

Art. No: EA090
The most common spare parts gathered in a plastic box.

This includes:
4x EA014 – Ball And Socket Joint (2x with washers, 2x without)
2x EA032 – Rope Wheel
1x EA012 – Hoop for Support bar
4x EA013 – Knob to Attach Hoop to Vest
2x EA017 – Buckles for Hip Belt
1x EA017-A – Buckles for Hip Belt
2x EA018 – Buckles for Vest
2x EA009-A – End Plug
2x MM003 – End Plug
1 x EA005-A – Ring Around Tube
2x EA005 – Ring Around Tube
4x EA036 – Spring for Camera Hook
1x EA030-B – Line Stopper
4x V013 – Nut for Mounting Power Pack to Vest ( with 8 washers)
1x V018 – Screw for Cover
1x ST060-B – Screw to Lock STABIL G2
1x MM002 – Knob And Washers for MM001
1x EA034 – Rubber Washer with “Warning” text
1x MM013 – Holder for Side Bar
+ Rubber, Locking Nut, Warning labels, Rope Threading Tool, Allen Key, Adjustment tool for camera hook & tool to install rope wheels.

Can be found on page 19 in the price list.

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