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DP Stefan Kullänger

Local cameraman / Ambassador Sweden

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DP Stefan Kullänger
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Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG

1. Was it easy to change the power of the line?

I´ve used the Vario 5 Strong for six days and found it very easy to adjust. The weight has varied depending on the lens in use: Zeiss High Speed Primes, Cooke 20-60mm zoom lens and Cooke 25-250mm zoom lens.

2. How did you like the Vario 5 STRONG?

The combination of the GimbalRig Vest, the extended arm and the Vario 5 Strong has been perfect; the GimbalRig Vest relieve the weight of the camera very well, especially when you operate in low positions for longer periods. The extended arm also helps you perform with better control over camera-moves and stability.

3. Weight of the unit?

The Vario 5 Strong weights a little bit more, but with the GimbalRig Vest it´s not a problem at all; the vest fits perfectly to my body and I haven´t felt any strain on my back after a shooting day which involves up to 90% operating with the camera hanging in different heights. I´ve used the Vario 5 ( 5-17kg ) together with the GimbalRig Vest for over two months before switching to the Vario 5 Strong, and the experience is the same: No strain on my back.

4. Your opinion on the Vario 5 STRONG?

The Vario 5 Strong is perfect for me since most of the productions I work in is shot with camera-rigs weighing between 15-22kg.

5. Who is the buyer of the Vario 5 STRONG?

Obviously DoP´s and camera-operators who shot with camera-rigs in the weight range that the Vario 5 Strong handles. Generally in productions where you change weights of the camera and different accessories and rental houses will love Vario 5 Strong

6. Do you think that Vario 5 STRONG (14 -28 kg) is needed compared to Vario 5 (5-17 kg)?

The Vario 5 Strong is definitely needed. Even if you for example choose to shoot with Arri Alexa Mini, you´re probably end up with a rig weighing over 15kg.

7. What vest would you prefer?

To the Vario 5 I prefer the GimbalRig Vest

8. What bag do you prefer?

I prefer the "Queen". Queen bag´s works fine with the Vario 5 Strong together with GimbalRig Vest

I feel like I am one whit the camera when I shoot with Vario 5 STRONG!

DP Stefan Kullänger
Local Cameraman / Ambassador