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Ramas Mosley

I have been directing since I was 16 years old and I started DP'ing my directing work about three years ago and this was made possible because of the EZ rig. The EZ rig is one of the most important pieces of equipment that I use. I direct and shoot commercials that have a lot of sports, action and real people.

I like to approach these projects with a small crew to create intimacy. I usually shoot on the Alexa mini. The EZ rig allows me to move incredibly fast. I literally go 60% quicker because of an approach I have developed in large part to the EZ rig. I like to shoot on one or two prime lenses. My favorite is the 40mm lense because I can shoot wide medium and close ups in a matter of minutes just by moving my body towards and away from the action.

I also love the way I can create a fluid tracking shot by pivoting from my left foot to my right. I also can go low to the ground and stand up while carrying the camera, so as to follow the action. I often feel partly like a ballerina and partly like a bad-ass athlete. The truth is that I'm not a very athletic person. I am a tall woman with good genes but I don't work-out, I walk a little but I'm not the epitome of fitness so I really can say that the EZ rig is responsible for my ability to be so physical while shooting.

I can go the whole day wearing the camera and often my crew comments on how strong I am - though I know it's really because of how well the EZ rig balances and disperses weight on my body. I love the EZ rig and really couldn't do what I do without this amazing equipment.

Ramas Mosley