Easyrig logotype

Marc Berger

A lot of people say to use a Easyrig on a boat is dangerous and for sure they are right if you don’t prepare yourself well. On the picture you can’t see, but I had a second body rig (like the mountain climbers) and I attached myself with ropes at least two points on the boat. So I couldn’t fall on the side or backwards into the see. Only after I was rigged, I attached the camera to the Easyrig. It worked even well out on the rough sea and I got great pictures.

Without the Easyrig it just wouldn’t have been possible to shot handheld over hours under this harsh conditions and a very narrow shooting schedule. (Sometimes we didn’t have a break for hours). The only problem was that the Easyrig was with a 700N feather and I had to add extra weight! I know its sounds like a joke but I didn’t now at this time you can change it. So what, I learned something new.

Thanks a lot, Take care!

Marc Berger