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Kris Lo

I was using EasyRig 2.5 for few years. And I was happy to come with the shoot with this rig always and ever. 
It was pretty easy to use it most for the handheld shot to relief my back pain. And it will make you to get the shot in different angle more easier. 

Sometimes I will do some quick running shot with it instead of using Steadicam because it takes only few mins. to set up and ready to shoot and the butget of course is a big different for sometimes only one to two Steadicam shot for a TV commericals. And sometimes you can act like a jib up shot, a dolly shot or low mode shot as well. And you will never believe that it works so steady. Of course you have to use it quite well. Normaly I would use the Arri 435 camera and sometimes Arri BL4s for sinc sound. And they both working good with the EasyRig. And I would like to try more different products from them. Why not give a try! It really works for me. 

Kris Lo
Hong Kong