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Josephine Owe

I like the new cinema flex vest. I have had good reactions to it because of its’ extraordinary support around the chest. The load on the shoulders and back are much more balanced than the last (cinema) easy rig. It’s very good that you can vary the weight, in some situations you want the camera to be heavier to the shaft, and sometimes easier f.e. at low shots.

However, I think it would be great to be able to adjust the easy rig’s weight yourself. When you have the easy rig on with full equipment it would be easier if you had the screwer further in front of your body. When sitting at the back, it is difficult to reach. In a perfect world I would also like the easy rig attachment to be just over your shoulder. So further back on the arm itself to achieve a perfect balance.

The quality of the fabric feels very nice. The only thing is that it becomes much fabric around the breast often resulting in that it can feel very warm. I am also of the narrower type (170cm , 50kg) , which means that I have to have it on the tightest and it is still a bit loose. But otherwise , I feel that it is very good. And there is a huge difference in how my body feels after a long working day with this vest, compared to the ones I ’ve had before (which was a thousand times too large as well).

I also love the fast ”chest paperback ” where you can have a small viewfinder or mobile. Plus good that it is built-in and does not sit on the outside of the vest. Overall I think that all the extra pouches sitting outside should be flexible and removable. If you carry around the camera the whole day you want to have the ability to be as small and flexible as possible.

Josephine Owe