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Jonas Schmieta

The first project „And the Beat Goes On“ (Shortcut: ATBG) was the first one which we shot, on a Sony FS7 with old Zeiss Highspeed Lenses and a Angenieux Optimo Zoom Lens. The special thing about that short film is that we shot it in 9:16 Format, which you can see in Picture: ATBG-7. The whole film was staged in a small Club/Bar in which it was very convenient to shoot handheld with the easyrig. Everything else would have taken more space and flexibility.

The second movie was also a short film called „Nucleus“ (Shortcut: NCL). Here we only have the picture and the two videos of me shooting a onetake and one in the studio. We shot it on a Sony F55 and Sony Prime Lenses. The short was the final Project of Tobias Bieseke for his master degree at our School and I was the DOP. The third movie is called „Ein Anderer“ (Engl.: „Someone Else“ and Shortcut: EA), were I worked as a 1. AC and Christoph Gehl was the DOP.

The project is very special because its the first feature film from our School, the University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund. We had 29 days of shooting without any founding from the german film founds, because they thought we wouldn’t make it. But with the help of people like you, we were able to shoot the whole movie and are very thankful for that. The movie was shot on a F55 with an P&S anamorphic Zoom.

Jonas Schmieta