Easyrig logotype

Jeff Landie

I've been an extremely satisfied user of Easyrig 2.5 500N, since I got it back in 2008 after a sustaining handheld shooting-related back injury in 2005. After explaining how it works to my doctor, he agreed it would help me get back to shooting handheld without risk of re-herniating my spinal disc. Five years later, I'm still shooting handheld without having any additional injury.

I first saw it way back in 2001 when Johan was demoing it at NAB at Band Pro's booth (we're a very long time client of theirs), and we demoed it shortly thereafter. Unfortunately we didn't opt to buy it at the time, I wish we would have though as it may have prevented my back injury in the first place.

I won't shoot handheld without it! I constantly recommend it to other camera operator's.

I especially like working with it at Comic-Con - some of the convention-goers stare it while I'm walking with the camera hanging on it between venues, and think it's part of some sort of self-made super hero costume. I tell them I'm "CameraMan"...

It's holding up well, but I have a question about general maintenance:
Is there anything we should do to lubricate the spring or any other parts? It's working fine BTW, but is 5 years old and does tend to sit in the bag horizontally in a hot van when not in use.

Also, some of the stickers are peeling off - both "Easyrig 2.5" ones at the top of the arm (pictured below) and the "Do Not Open!" sticker on the arm shaft. Rather than pull them off altogether or tape them back on, I wanted to see if you had any simple peel and stick replacements, or other recommendation as to how best to re-stick them on cleanly. I'd like to keep representing your product well!

Jeff Landie
Vice President, Sloan Productions