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Guy Morton

I love my Easyrig! I wish I had know about it years ago. I've been shooting for 27 years and as most Video Photojournalist can tell you that's a lot of time with the camera on your shoulder and back. These days with walk and talk live shows the Easyrig is going to extend my shooting career by years. Now the typical Live Camera rig is about 40 pounds once you add the lights, Wireless Video System and Batteries.

With my Easyrig that same 40 pounds feels like 3 pounds on my shoulder and back. I use it while shooting B-Roll of moving subjects as well as walk and talk live shots. With the Easyrig, when a live shot floats for 20 minutes it's no problem.

My Easyrig is just as important to me as my HD Camera, Tripod, Wireless IFB, Wireless PL and most of all my Spine. Johan, thank you for making such a great product. I would recommend the Easyrig to anyone who needs to shoot video without a tripod.

Guy Morton
Owner of GMVP, LLC, Global Mobile Video Productions