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DP Enrique Vidal

Local cameraman / Ambassador Spain

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DP Enrique Vidal
Spain (Mallorca)
+34 669 373 966

The first time I used one was about a month ago, I rented one (Vario5 + Serene) for a week long shoot in México. We were shooting with the Sony FS7 and HawkC anamorphic lenses… the whole camera setup must have weighed ~8-9kg. The shoot was very intensive, long 12-14 hour days, and I cannot emphasise just how much the easyrig saved me. I don’t tend to shoot too much shoulder height shots, and the easyrig allowed me to manoeuvre the camera and hold it in positions which would have absolutely killed me, my back and my arms.

I actually went ahead and purchased a Vario5 of my own straight after that shoot. I decided I never wanted to go on a shoot again without it. I’ve since used it in Oporto, Dominican Republic and Zurich through a very intensive few weeks of shooting, and haven’t had any problems with back pain. We cameramen/DOPs have to take care of our backs… as much as our eyes, our backs are an essential tool for our work.

DP Enrique Vidal
Local Cameraman / Ambassador
Spain, Mallorca