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DP Bob Scott

Local cameraman / Ambassador USA

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Olympic Cameraman, DP Bob Scott
+1 407 256-1217

I have been a sports and action cinematographer for over 25 years. Most of the time I operate handheld with the camera on my shoulder. Like most andheld operators will tell you - it takes a serious toll on your body. I have had shoulder surgery, pinched nerves and lower back issues - all due to carrying a 20-40lb camera on my shoulder day in and day out - sometimes up to 12 hours a day. About 6 years ago I discovered a different way to do handheld. And that is with Johan Hellsten’s EasyRig. It has literally changed my professional life and will allow me to extend my career another 10 years or more.

The EasyRig takes all the camera’s weight off my shoulder and my arms and puts it on the strongest part of my body - my hips and legs. It also allows me to straighten my spine and not have to lean to one side. Once you wear it and use it in the field - really use it - you will be a EasyRig Believer just like me. The bottom line is when I use the EasyRig I get not only more useable, dynamic and creative handheld footage at the end of the day - but have less fatigue in my back, neck and arms.

When I don’t have to concentrate on the technical aspect of lifting & holding the camera - I can concentrate on the creative part which is steering the camera and composing the shot. We all know everyone wants the ‘handheld’ feel these days. Wether it’s on documentaries, sports, tv or features - the EasyRig helps me get more of the shots I want! Johan’s EasyRig is truly one of the most revolutionary devices our industry has seen in the past 20 years. And every year he keeps making it better.

DP Bob Scott
Local Cameraman / Ambassador