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Diana Rackow

The design of the Cinema Flex is light weight and professionally attractive. The Cinema Flex fits very comfortable. From the lower lumbar support to the cinch straps over the chest allows the load of the camera/gimbal to be mounted with ease no matter what rig you’re gunning with.

The design feels solid and allows for smooth motion. I would however like to see the waist strap to sit off the front of the hips to help with walking motion.

The quality of the fabric is durable. You won’t have to worry about it unstitching or tearing. Although under the shoulder areas where the weight exists can be a bit scratchy, would love to see a smooth fabric there over the shoulder’s. Having the chest pocket available is a super plus! Stick in some batteries, lens cleaner and some cards and your ready to go!

From a DP that has scoliosis of the vertebra the Cinema Flex makes my long day’s with my full rig a breeze! With the Cinema Flex Easy Rig my back pain has decreased and now I can focus on the shot and not the pain!

Having the Cinema Flex on your set will definitely cause heads to turn. Its professional sleek style and functionality will put you on another level!

Diana Rackow
DP Camera Operator