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DP David Paul

Local cameraman / Ambassador New Zeeland

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DP David Paul
New Zeeland

Testpilot of the Vario 5:

1. Was it easy to change the power of the line?
Yes, very easy to change power of the line. ( however I’d like to test this a bit more as felt when I adjusted the line to suit camera weight the line seemed to be stronger when retracted and camera on my shoulder.

That is, I adjusted the line power to suit camera at my waist level and it sat very nicely but when i lift the camera to my shoulder it feels too strong so camera does not quite sit on my shoulder. I want to check this out a bit more)

2. How did you like the Vario 5?
Yes, I like the Vario 5. It feels more fluid than the previous Vario’s ( 200 and 400). It behaves more like a std Easyrig shock. Again I will trial this more. I’ve been on a dolly mostly the past 2 days.

I found it more difficult to tilt compared to a std arm/shock so I will add the Gravity-1 to my camera next to trial that. I want to try different adjustments to see if I can get it sitting nicely and allow a bit less tension on line to allow tilting. Std arms seem to have a wee bit more give. This is where the V5 is great as I can add the Gravity-1 and adjust line power easily to suit new weight.

But this is just first impressions. I feel also after a few uses the V5 is settling more, loosening up nicely. Feels like it benefits from some use , gets better.

3. Weight of the unit
It is heavier but with GimbalRig vest this is not a problem at all. It is very comfortable and the weight I do not notice. I Love the GimbalRig vest. Soooo much more support and comfort. :-)

4. Your opinion on the Vario 5
I love it. I think it is a great invention and will suit many users including myself. The thing we need to establish is what the differences are in operating with it , if any (other than size and weight) and what is best to recommend to people enquiring about buying an Easyrig.

5. Who is the buyer of the Vario 5?
I think the V5 suits and buyers would be:

Gimbal users where their camera/gimbal weights can vary easily diff cameras, accessories and different Gimbals. ( Ronin/ Movi etc )

Higher end productions where different accessories are being added, removed from camera often so the camera weight varies a lot. For example adding a Gravity-1 or a heavier lens with the V5 one can quickly adjust to suit the new weight. Such as the drama I am shooting at present it suits really well.

NOT in my opinion suited to documentary shooters as weight and slightly more bulk of the V5 would be a slight hinderance. With documentaries your camera weight does not vary much and usually one wants to be as light and streamline as possible so I’d always suggest a std Cinema 3 with std arm/shock to suit the required camera weight.

I’d use the V5 for tv drama, films , commercials and a Cinema 3/ Std or 130mm arm for documentaries and possibly travel where excess baggage is a problem. Buyers will also include Dop’s, Rentals Companies and Grips who often have one in the truck or rental house as it will cover many cameras for them.

DP, David Paul NZCS here shooting the story of the first man on Mount Everest ”Hillary”.

Previous Awards:

Gold : NZCS Cinematography Awards TV Features 2016:

“Field Punishment #1”

Bronze: NZCS Cinematography AwardsTV Features 2016:

“The Kick"

Best Cinematography (Drama) NZ TV Awards 2012:

“Tangiwai - A Love Story”

Best Cinematography (Documentary) NZ Film/TV Awards 2011:

“The Banker, the Escorts and the $18m"

Best Cinematography (Drama) NZ Film/TV Awards 2009:

“Until Proven Innocent”

DP David Paul
Local Cameraman / Ambassador
New Zealand