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Camera Operator Andrea Cecchini

Local cameraman / Ambassador Italy

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Andrea Cecchini

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After two weeks of test on the set production with Easy MiniMax I can say this is a very good product, better than the older one.

I tested the Mini Max on a small commercial shoot with a very minimal crew and simple setup. The mini was amazing because is a small footprint and the weight capacity raise the 7Kg and I guess a little bit over.

I used my new Canon C300 markII full rigged with mattebox, follow focus, wireless, and additional monitor. The mini also supported the entire weight without compromise, noting a more fluid on the entire line up, and now with the pivoting upper arm like the big model.

The new Power Pack now is more sturdy and fluid, and as Johan said is more suitable to work intensively. The vest is like the older MiniStrong. As owner of the MS (ministrong) i can say is exactly the same. I would have preferred to have been similar to the Vario 5, kindly granted from Johan to use for one month last year, but for this price point I think is very comfortable.

And now the adjustment of tension is very easy because you can quickly turn on the left or right to improve or loose the intensity of the line cord. Very very intuitive now. Big improvement!!! thanks Johan

The bag is the same the older version, because the Minimax respect the same size. So the bag is simple with upper useful pouch, and I can put some accessories inside with minimax, as battery, slider, mini led light ecc ecc.

I will recommend this unit for everybody, for camera people who are entering the world of Eeasystyle. Yes, because the original aesthetics that only Easy can give to your footage is unique imho.

I think right now the Easyrig MiniMax unit for 2-7kg cameras will be very popular. Is not a Vario 5 with Serene that I like sooo much :), but for a small budget production is a game changer. And I think from now the Minimax accompany me more and more often in many productions.

Camera Operator Andrea Cecchini
Local Cameraman / Ambassador