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Blaire Johnson

While the Easyrig Minimax became a game changing piece of gear for the way I approach run and gun filmmaking, the Cinema Flex has provided me with the perfect fit as a female DP. Both Easyrigs redistribute the weight of the camera from my arms, shoulders, neck and back to my hips- easily enabling 12 hour days behind the lens.

But with the Cinema Flex, I’m able to adjust it at the shoulders, chest and waist for the perfect fit. As a 5’4” 115 lb female, the size S is just right. It’s also slightly shorter than the original Minimax, making it much more comfortable to wear my lens belt.

A pocket in the chest is a wonderful new addition to keep I.D., etc. as well as a larger, removable pocket that can easily hold cards and batteries on my waist. I greatly appreciate how easy it is to swap out the Vario 5 arm when I use heavier cameras like the Alexa Mini with the original Minimax arm for lighter cameras like the FS7II– by removing 4 bolts without the need for tools.

The Cinema Flex enables me to smoothly follow the motion, allowing me to get both high and low shots.

Blaire Johnson