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Blaire Johnson

The new vest of the Easyrig CinemaFlex is a wonderful upgrade to the vest on the EasyRig Mini. As a 5’5” woman weighing 116 lbs, I was never able to adjust the EasyRig Mini to fit my body – it was too long for my torso and too wide for my hips and shoulders. One of the greatest improvements for me is the ability to adjust the length of the vest at the shoulders and the hips for a snug fit on my shoulders that allows the weight to fall perfectly on my hips.

I love the thickness of the fabric and the additional padding for extra comfort on long days of filming, although this vest is warmer than other models. The pockets are a very welcome addition, allowing me to keep my batteries and cards by my side at all times without the need for an additional gear bag on my hip.

The back of the Cine Flex now has 4 knobs for the adjustment of the tension of the line and the height of the arm, while the EasyRig Mini had only one large knob to adjust the tension of the line. While this allows for the improved adjustment for the height of the arm, we did find that it was more time consuming to have someone assist the person wearing the rig by dialing in the tension of the line.

My two concerns with the new arm are the additional weight of the new arm and the inability to keep it stationary. While I can certainly see the benefits of having the flexibility to have the motion of the new arm while filming, when the camera is off the arm, (or hanging freely) the arm can swing freely in 360 degrees, and I have had a hard time controlling its radius from accidentally breaking a window or knocking someone in the head. It seems as though a pin might be an easy fix to keep the arm aligned in the center.

The Easyrigs are such incredible products and essential pieces of gear for all of my documentary shoots.

Blaire Johnson