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DP Andrea Cecchini

Local cameraman / Ambassador Italy

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DP Andrea Cecchini
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A big thanks to Johan who has allowed me to use the Easyrig Vario5 + Flowcine Serene for some time.

I state that I come to the Easyrig mini Strong vs and the opportunity to try the big version would be amazing.

The Easyrig Vario Cinema 5 is the state of the art and the big brother of the others models line up of easyrig.

The system is very well build like a tank, and of course it weighs much more compare to the others.

My system was composed with Vario 5 + 130cm arm extension + Gimbal Vest and equiped with a Flowcine Serene arm.

My intention was to try with my Freefly MōVI M15 as MōVI operator owner, because coming from Easyrig mini strong wasn’t the best solution for gimbal use.

I have used the system for two light production right now, and my feedback cannot be very positive after all.

Right now I’m working on with the system for to try the all best configuration with or without MōVI and I’m ending to the result: this system imho is capable for the two type of shooting: handheld and stabilized as well.

Thanks to the Serene the handheld style gain more floating and more controlled then before, you can almost replicate the same movements of the carriage and very soft approach first thing, that however, was more difficult to achieve if not precisely using a gimbal as well.

Obviously with Gimbal we know all the benefits, running and free movement, remove fatigue on the arms and spine back and more important a dampening on fourth axis.

With Serene in this case you are able to avoid transmitting the movements of your body to the gimbal precisely amortizing the system through the spring.

. Obviously the spring as the intensity of the Vario can be changed at will depending on the weight of the rig through a knob behind the Serene and the Allen key inserted in the Vario5 as well. Simple!.

What I love as well about the Vario 5 is that the arm is very sturdy against my Easymini, and the Gimbal Vest is more robust and safe, seems you are joined with him. The cons is the weights of the whole system and more Serene make it very bulky and heavy. But we know that this system you can load just about every camera on the market in this moment and saveguarding the future investment.

Everything you can imagine it seeing only the beautiful big bag equiped with the system with the yellow word ‘KING’ stiched on. Very nice bag. Big enough to carry on some accessories after all.

I can seriously say that after a full days filming, around with a camera on my MōVI M15, I feel as good as new. No sharp pains in my back or down my spine. It’s the perfect tool that prolongs your career, you are always fresh on the set.

For the moment I can only be happy with vario5, although I must say I always used the MoviM15 fully loaded free without any support. Because some movement I feel to makes free. I’m 98kg for 188cm muscle body and for me the weight it’s never been a problem. :)

But for long time working and the age come in (43) I feel the Vario5 can help for a long period of course.

I would recommend it for DoP’s that work with different camera weights and plan to use a gimbal rig as well.

DP Andrea Cecchini
Local Cameraman / Ambassador