Easyrig logotype

Make sure that you get the original

All of our vests are labeld "Made in Sweden".

All Easyrig Mini's adjustments wheels are labeled "Easyrig Mini".

To be sure that you don’t get a copy take contact with one of our official agent that you can find on our homepage:


Warning! We have to send out this warning because of several copies of the Easyrig system. Especially these copies that also have copied our brand name Easyrig.

- We have bought and tested the forgery and copy named "Easyrig 8-18 kg" produced in China.

- When Buyers of this copy can see that the manual is signed with the name Johan Hellsten and therefor also can think that this is our product are we forced to send out this warning.

- The friction on the rope is higher then on an original Easyrig.

- This rig are 30% heavier then ours.

- The hook that this copy is delivered with should never be used with the 18 kg that they claim.

- When the two support bars are divided and folded will the sharp edges where the line are passing, wear the line and that the rope will snap of is a likely possibillity.

- The padding inside the vest is thin and so soft that the side bar mounts will not stand the time and most likely come out from the vest.

We and our service network will not give any service or sell any spare parts to these copies. We have started the process to meet them legally with help from lawyers.

Here are some copies of Easyrig:

We have no model named "Easyrig 8-18kg".

We have no model named "Easyrig 3-10kg".

We have no plastic lid without text.

We have no model named "Easyrig 3-10 kg".

Some copies have forged our font with similar name.

Our hook have rubber to prevent the camera handle to slide.

Should you be uncertain before you purchase a rig send us a picture and we can tell you if its a original Easyrig product.