By registering your Easyrig via our Website, by sending us the warranty card or by E-mail you agree that we can store information about what Easyrig you are using and where you are from(1). If you sign up to our newsletter you agree that we can store your E-mail information on our servers (2).

If you wish us to remove you from our database please send us an email ( and give us relevant information of what you want us to do. For Example; if you want us to remove the information about what Easyrig you are using and where you are from – you need to provide us with the Serial Number of your Easyrig, your name and where you are from. If you need help with anything please get in touch with us with the e-mail provided previously.

(1) We only store this information to be able to help customers faster & easier and we do not spread this information to any other company. We only use the information you provide us with if you happen to want help. 

(2) We store your E-mail adress to be able to send you our monthly newsletter and we do not give this information to anyone and we do not misuse it.

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